I may have an oppertunity to acquire such a beast, and from what I've heard of the amps, it's definitely a go. I'd like any info you guys could give though, since I don't have any real experience with the amps

Also, it comes with a Sunn 215 cab.. I don't know if a 2x15" will take out some punch compared to a 4x10 or 4x12? Any info is appreciated
Wierd, I just offered my Mesa to someone to trade for one of these things.
They're the shit. Basically what the Fender Bassman 300 PRO is now, exact same amp more or less. They're built like brick shithouses, and they're pretty highly sought after these days. Make sure you don't mind throwing a few hundred at it every few years though, bass amps can be damn expensive to retube. Can't praise the head enough, it sounds MASSIVE.
Can't say much about 215 cabs though, never used one. Din of Win knows a lot about different cab configurations, wait for him to pop his head in.
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