For some years now I have been searching for a band call Pather (The).

While rummaging through my large GP tabs folder I stumbled upon 54 tabs from the band. They are some of the most amazing/beautiful compositions I've ever heard. A 911 tabs search for The Panther results in a large list of tabs (http://www.911tabs.com/tabs/t/the_panther/).

Surely with that number of tabs this band must easily be found with a quick Google search, but no. There's no trace whatsoever anywhere except for tabs. This made me consider the options: could the bands real name be in another language? could it be some randoms compositions? did they exist before digital mediums? etc...

No matter how many leads I follow I still end up nowhere. How can they be this elusive?

The only clue I've ever found is a song called 'Sea Sky' by the band Beyond. The Panther seems to have covered this song at some point as they have a tab version of this song called 'see sky'.

If anyone has any idea who The Pather is or is willing to try track them down I would be very thankful for the information.

I await your responses, meanwhile they remain at large.
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