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i was wondering in the world of guitar is cliffs of Dover by EJ considered hard?
as im struggling. i mean im slowly getting it down real slow so all is good but i wonder should i be using a plectrum .i have never used one and the reason for that is even when i used a real soft one they just sound unnatural and to harsh compared to my fat fingers my freind who has been playing for a long time was like dude u gotta get into the habbit of using a pick etc .he is right i guess but can i pull of the song with out one and just using fingers or will i have to use a pick do u think. i have been playing as in practasing properly well i think so lol now for 3 months.i find the 3 chords songs real borring and i wanted a challenge which i guess is miles above me etc.with this song how long would u need to of played to have a chance to play it right i know that depends on the person but the minimal time for a average person etc?.i very slow playing it i only know the 1st bit really but it seems that like ur hands do speed up i love it aint it great so really what do u pros think any help for a noob is much appreciated
i playing it on a Prs Mccarty 2004 stoptail is this guitar ok for the song or does it have to be a fender?
also sorry guys forgot to ask how does using a pick help playing does it just make things faster?
It's a hard song, if you've been playing for only 3 months you've got no chance of learning it I'm afraid - I wouldn't suggest it to anyone who hadn't been playing at least a year , and even then they'd need to be a quick learner with an aptitude for the instrument. It's perfectly reasonable for that song to be beyond someone's abilities for several years. Long term goals are all well and good but the way you progress with guitar is by setting yourself achievable short term goals. There's no point worrying about stuff that's way ahead of you, instead you need to look at what you can currently do and find ways to build on what you already no.

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It's cool. Just avoid it in the future.

Playing with a pick makes strumming chords easier and makes individual notes sound with more sharpness and clarity. Fingerpicking is all well and good, but for mid- to high-gain songs (that's songs with a good helping of distortion), you're better off with a pick so you don't lose notes in a mess of fuzz and distortion.
You definitely need to learn to use a pick. I've been playing for 2 years and i use either. It's good to have fingerpicking and regular picking in your arsenal. Eventually you can combine the 2 and use some really handy hybrid picking.

In answer to the Cliffs of Dover thing... Well of course it's a very very hard song. I've been playing 2 years and i wouldn't even go near that thing. You've been playing 3months. It's good to challenge yourself, but i know for a fact if you challenge yourself that much you will develop some awful habits and will make very little progress.
Challenge yourself, but not that much.

Start with some easier solo's etc. Cliffs of Dover is essentially to me, just one big guitar solo. If you want a good sort of fingerpicking and regular picking song, try Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. It's a brilliant song for fingerpicking, and for someone with your experience, the solo will be great for improving your skills.