Crit4crit, this is a song not a poem but please if you have a minute tell me what you think it is about please, I'm in work doing nothing all day so I will take the time to look at yours and comment as best I can

Tonight, I ride
I ride to somewhere
For someone like you

Girl, I’ll go anywhere
And anywhere is where
I’m going to
Get to you

You walk home
Alone so slow
And you haven’t even
Thought of me

Spend one night
With me girl
Just give me
A chance

But when you
First knew I
Was there girl
You never had the chance.
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No one decides to comment, but I guess this is pretty veiled and it makes it a little more interesting to know where the inspiration came from.

Paul McCartney had a fantastic knack for turning experiences into songs, however big or small. He also was great at writing something to overtly look like a love song, but really he meant something else. So with this in mind, I wrote a song!

The other night, my girlfriend rang me after she'd been out on the lash and said some guy was following her. So, a bit drunk myself, I phoned a taxi and told her to wait in a fast food place. I met her, the weird guy was there, we walked away. That was that. Rape panic over.

But it got me thinking; what goes through rapists minds whilst there out looking for a victim?
With that in mind, I wrote this song to sound like a typical "I want this girl" but really, it has a dark undertone.