basically i have been in ownership of an Ibanez RGT220Z a 2009 model i believe for approx 7 months and the previous owner ( a good friend of mine) had it for about 9 months or so. In the 9 months he had it he most probably played it a maximum of 20 times in his bedroom. For the 7 months i've had i've played maybe an hour and a half on average a week. This guitar is in pristine condition with all the equipment it came with and the Team J Craft prestige case which all prestige come with. Question is, how much is it worth now. Have never seen any on ebay, all over the web its the same; a page with specifications etc but no price. Brand new they were £1200-1400 so how much would it be now? There must be a market for this guitar seeing as its prime selling point was the fact it was made of ash something i can imagine quite a few ibanez players would be after with the lighter weight and the brighter sound.
Any thoughts?
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A few pictures would help, but since you're giving all the equipment and case + that the guitar is in extremely good condition I'd say around £700-900? Could maybe even go for £1000 if there's competition :P
Well, I'm not really a professional but from what you say and what you provide the guitar with, I'd say that is an extremely good deal for a guitarist who wants a guitar like that.
Gear pics

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