Hey guys, So I'm having an issue with the saddle for my low E string on my Tele. The other night I decided to change the strings on it after not playing it or even taking it out of the gig bag for months. After placing the new strings on it and adjusting the action I decided to check the intonation. I started with my low E and noticed that the fretted E on the 12th fret was flatter than the open E. So I proceeded to shorten the string by moving the saddle closer to the pickups. As I did this though I noticed that the saddle wasn't moving at all, and the screw was just coming further and further out of the bridge. If I went the other way though and tried to move the saddle further away from the pickups that worked. Can anyone tell me why this might be happening? And if, so can it be fixed?

For the record I'm not having this issue with any of the other saddles. Also in case anyone asks its a standard 6 saddle thru-body bridge.

If anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate it. The rest of the strings sound great but my low E really needs to be fixed and it's driving me crazy lol.
The saddle might just be, well 'stuck' on the bridge so to speak. [Due to sitting for so long]

It doesn't move when unscrewing because the screw is just moving itself. It moves when you tighten it because the force is pulling the saddle. Just push the screw a bit after loosening and the saddle should move along with it.

That should fix your problem.
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Loosen the string a bit though, the tension/pressure could be holding the saddle in place.