I'm looking for a nice hollow body guitar, that's more for rock and less for jazz and blues. I have a budget of up to $600. Any recommendations?
the Hagström viking series are great. I bought me Viking IIP for about $700, but this was in Norway, where guitars are ridicilously expensive, so i would assume that one is right up your alley.
Likely something with humbuckers.

I would myself just choose an expectionally good Epiphone Dot, and save the remaining money/spend it on pedalz but that's only me.
What kind of rock? If you're trying to get heavy you're not going to do well with a full size hollowbody, but a semi could work. If you mean more rockabilly or classic rock, you've got tons of options. The Gretsch 5120 (I think that's the number) is great in that category (though it doesn't have the standard humbuckers you might want for classic rock). Hagstrom, as mentioned, are very good as well. Ibanez makes a few full hollowbodies that are more rock-oriented, and the Epi Sheraton is a great in-between with its smaller but still fully hollow body.
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^isn't the sheraton semi-hollow?
the Casino could be great as well

Yeah, the Casino is a full hollowbody though.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
Hagstrom Viking++++++

I played one in a store and almost walked out with it even though I couldn't afford it.

It's only like ~$500 IIRC
If you're looking for a real Hollowbody for rock, I'd have to recommend the Epiphone Wildkat and the Gretsch 5122DC (it's like the G5120, but with two venetian cutaways). Both of them are designed to be more of "rocker" guitars than their contemporaries within their brand. Also, the Gretsch 5122DC is a very solid guitar, I used to have one and it was very, very awesome.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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I own a Oscar Schmitt OE30, and it rocks pretty darn nicely! I have owned two in the past. One was a blue burst (beautiful) and the other is my black. I got mine used for 150. I know they are not the best quality, but it's amazing for me!

Edit: OOOPs! I see now the TS wanted Hollowbody.
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I agree with the Epiphone dot for its price its unreal!
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