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Like, do you have time guidelines you stay by with?

So if you look at the clock at night at it says 11:30pm , do you think "shit, better go bed" or do you just get on with what your doing?

Or in the morning, do you just get out of bed whenever you feel like it, or do you get out of bed at a certain Time?

Or do you have dinner at a certain Time?

I don't pay attention to time at all. I often wish I would though.

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I never pay attention to time except for when I wake up but that's only if I have to be up by a certain time. Otherwise I don't care.

Sometimes I'll be like "I can't believe I've been __________ for the last 8 hours" but then I go back to doing whatever it was.
Yep. If I don't, I'll realize that it's 2 am and I'm still on the computer, and I have to get up at 6 that morning
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I like to have routines, so yes, I pay attention to time
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If I have somewhere to be at a certain time then I'll be thinking about the time all day, sometimes even the night before. I hate being late.
Depends if I'm at school or it's a holiday
On holidays I go to bed whenever wake up whenever, but when I'm at school normally bed by 12am and wake up at like 7:30

I voted no on the basis I'm on holiday right now
No, crap I'm late for work!
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Im very aware of time atm. In class + times dragging like crazy
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I'm always paying attention to time. I base my entire day/life around time, although I don't keep to it rigidly so it's more of a guideline.]
But I can't live without being with a constant source of time [ie my watch, which sometimes stops >_< ]
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I pay attention to it, but I don't always heed it when it comes down to sleeping on time
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Not really. If something arises like a family get together and I have to be up at say 8 to drive to god knows where then I'd set an alarm and make myself a bit more aware of the time.

Personally I hate routines, I can't stand college at the moment because I have to wake up at a set time everyday and go to bed so i can wake up and blah blah. Next year Half my courses are being dropped so it's more flexible.

And to another point does anyone suddenly lose awareness of the time in the summer? Due to it being sunny till god nows when at night I forget it's actually 8PM or whatever very easily.
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Lol, nah. Not even for work, I'm late 9 out of 10 times, and go home 2 hours before my real ending time.

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On days when I have lectures, yes. Every other day, no.

For instance it's currently 3pm and I'm yet to shower or get dressed. Only got out of bed half an hour ago.

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I'm only vaguely aware of the day. I do have to pay attention for class and my brief periods of employment, but on the whole no.
Have to be on a regimented timeline during the week as I contribute to society. I wake up at 5:15 AM to be to work by 6:00. I will sometimes stay up later than I "should" but on the weekends, I sleep in to make up for it.
If I have something to do or I'm going to school I do care about it.
If I don't have any kind of engagement I won't give a f*ck about time
I have no sense of time whatsoever. I'll be sitting chatting with a person on skype and then BOOM it's 2:00am. And when I'm really focused on my school work - I'll be working for 4 straight hours and it would feel like 30 minutes. I make sure I am on time for any appointments though, just if I have about half a day to myself the time flies like crazy.
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Its just past 8am right now.
I woke up yesterday around 4pm or so.
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I collect the money from boarders and pay the bills and the employees that do the hard work.
I play guitar, design, build, repair effects and repair amps by my own schedule.
Half the time I don't even know what day it is, much less what time it is unless a bill is due.
Yeah, I have a guideline for bed, but that's just me making up my own routine.
I am forced to pay attention to time, on account of the fact that I go to college. In the summer I pay so little attention to time that I often don't even know what day of the week it is.
When its on my time, I'm pretty lackadaisical with time. But during the week, the world goes by time, so you have to follow if you want to succeed...gotta get to class on time so I have to wake up on time to leave enough time to walk to the subway, etc.
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The concept of time (and days) is something I'm unable to grasp. I quite literally live in the moment; for example - the only reason I know it's not college today is because my phone hasn't given me an alert this morning. I think it's an autism thing, but my awareness of what time it is goes as far as how bright it is. The same with days actually - I often go several days to a week without realising it's now a different month.
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Of course I do. I have to be to class on time, the cafeteria is only open certain hours, etc. I also notice 8:19 a lot since my birthday is August 19th.
I'm generally very cognizant of it. Sometimes I wish I weren't so, because it adds undue stress at times
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Weekdays I do. Bed between 10 an 11pm. Up at 5:55am. Lunch at 12 midday. Dinner varies.

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