Good day, good people..
Since I am a beginner I had an intention of improving my sound by purchasing new Roland Cube 40xl amp.. Which I did..
Who is remotely familiar with Cube's series, knows that the amplifier has quite a solid reputation for the quality of it's sound..
Now the guitar I own residuals from some miserable guitar pack (bucklay ?!?), and even though I have a pretty humble experience, I can imagine the level of it's quality..
In my case the "Clean" channel and a few of cleaner-type channels on the " Lead" sound OK, however when I switch to a bit harder variant such as "brit combo" or "tweed" sound becomes deep and unclear, as I'm playing from a barrel And not to even mention when I switch it to "classic" and "metal stack", or "R-fier".. which really have a horrible sounding ..
So I'm asking you for a constructive advice on the issue of resolving my problem and establishing what the actual problem is..
Thankfull in advance
What kind of pickups are in the guitar? Single coils or humbuckers?
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How do you have the EQ and effects set? It's been a long time since I had a Cube but from what I remember you could make most of the models sound decent.
If the pick ups in the guitar are crap then you won't get the amp to its fullest potential. If you want to clear the sound up lower the gain to five and set the EQ relatively flat. Play with the EQ until you get the sound you want but remember the High Gain + High Bass usually equals muddled flubby tone. If you absolutely can't dial the amp in get a new guitar. Something inexpensive that will get you a good enough tone.