I'm having a problem with my guitar input track picking up and recording my midi virtual input track in reaper. Heres what I got, I have 2 tracks one for guitar input with amp vst modulators. I then have a second track setup for midi virtual drums. When I record the guitar by itself everythings fine. When I have a guitar recording made I can record a drum beat while the guitar recording plays in the background just fine. But when i try record my guitar over a previously recorded drumbeat the guitar track picks up the drum beat in the back ground loud and reverby. How can I block it to where its not picking up sound from the recorded midi file but still recording the guitar input?
You should record the guitar with the drums going through headphones. Its called input monitoring. Basically you press the speaker buttonn next to the record button.
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You're plugging an interface into an interface...


Pls tell me what is Interfaception. and how to solve.