Is going into a music store and playing a guitar(or any instrument) with no intention to buy anything a huge dickmove?
Not unless you pull a Pete Townshend to check for durability at the end.
I would say no. Many products sell themselves. You might go there with no intention of buying but end up trying it and deciding it will be the next guitar you purchase.
It depends on the size of the shop. In huge shops you just do whatever you want, but in a small shop it's somewhat more rude, because the workers are going to invest more time in you.
I do it all the time...what I don't do is try at the store and then go online to purchase the same thing if I liked what I tried already.

I like the whole retail game...playing with stuff then weighing up whether it's worth the cash or talk the price down.

No it isn't. I think it can be annoying to the people who work there if you keep bugging them though. At the end of the day it might be a year before you buy anything there, but that doesn't matter.

I wouldn't personally ask to play a really expensive instrument that I have no chance of buying though. I tend to stick with c. £400 - £500 guitars.
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I do it all the time...what I don't do is try at the store and then go online to purchase the same thing if I liked what I tried already.

I like the whole retail game...playing with stuff then weighing up whether it's worth the cash or talk the price down.

Depends, I've worked in a music shop before, and if a 13 year old kid wants to try the £1000 guitar, it's not going to happen.
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No, unless you've only been playing for a week and you pick up a two and a half grand PRS and plug it into an amp taller than you.
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I do it all the time, the difference is that I don't have the intention of buying when I walk in the store. After I play through something I like, I'll think about it.

I recently played through a Mesa TA-30 combo with no intention of buying it. After playing it, I would have loved to buy it, but it was EXPENSIVE. AS. BALLS.
I'm reasonably well known at my local one so I am allowed. I have done this mainly to test how workers react to a guy doing this, some react well some don't.
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Depends, I've worked in a music shop before, and if a 13 year old kid wants to try the £1000 guitar, it's not going to happen.

Why not? What do you really have to lose besides 10 seconds to help him plug in? Just humour the kid, it costs nothing and makes your store look good. Obviously if he sucks huge donkey asshole and he's playing loud then turn it down to the point where it's not even fun and hope he stops, but there's no sense in being a douchebag from the start.

edit: i find that guitar stores are dead slow a lot of the time, and most workers will actually appreciate it if a guy with great chops comes in and plays some widdly bits. It's entertaining no matter who you are.
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i agree with the price range of guitars, normally those are also the guitars that you have assistance with getting too. I normally plug and play in the average range of guitars, and the gus at my local store know me well enough that they know I am just killing time, plus i still buy a lot of things from them, I try to support local business.
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I don't think there's anything rude in it. Maybe support the shop and buy a pack of strings after trying out what you want. You're going to need strings anyway.
In GC or L&M, no. In a privately owned shop, yes.
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I don't think it is

I mean I'm kind of friends with the workers in the shop anyways, so I just go there for a quick jam session with anyone who's up for it

Besides I always end up buying a few picks or strings.
I've never gotten any flack for it, so I'll say no.
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I did it once and the shop owner seemed kinda pissed.

I had a couple hours to kill between lessons at college so I went and tried out some amps, just to see what sounds like what.

The shop owner was like, so shall I gift wrap it for you? I replied with 'I actually don't have any money now. I'm just trying stuff out' and he quickly ushered me out the shop like I'd insulted him.
i go down to dawsons every now and then, last time i jammed with the workers and we got a crowd of like 20 people watching us play the shortest straw.
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I don't think so no.
I've always wanted a Jazzmaster simply because it looked really cool but the few times I've played ones in guitar shops I know it's not for me. I don't like the sounds or how it plays or how it's set up. It would've been stupid for me to go and buy one just because I liked the look of it without trying it first.
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You are EXTREMELY WRONG! I have played it. I own an 18W and it would be an awful stereo amp, it's way too bright, breaks up too easily and so on. Secondly, why would a guitar store sell an hifi amp.
if i worked at a shop i wouldn't care. i went into a shop pretty much everyday to play the guitars for about a month, altho, i was looking to buy one the next month.
The owners at my local music shop are nice and let the customers try things out. It's not that bad just to try an instrument to see if it's something you want in the future.
I did this the other day, I was waiting for my car to get fixed and just went in the music store to kill some time. I didn't intend to buy anything, but I somehow ended up getting a new guitar :/

This happens almost every time I walk into that store. Stupid good credit with them....
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Not really. But if the people that work there are on commission, you're getting their hopes up.


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Well honestly, the price range of the guitar bit is a good point.

But who's to say the 13 year old kid doesn't have parents with deep pockets?

Most parents will break the bank or close to it , to help their child develop musically. It makes them feel more successful as parents. Same thing if a child excels at math and science they are going to spend top dollar on tutors, to push him/her past any stumbling blocks.

As someone who "sells products" on a day to day basis it's my philosophy to let the product do as much talking as it can, then push the sale the rest of the way.

Most people never have any intention of buying most things they purchase, that's why sales and marketing is a fine art. You have to make them want that item, or let the item make them want it.

Everyone has a stash of cash hidden, or can get the cash. It's just a matter of making them want it bad enough to forgo something else. This may sound horrible but this is sales.

That being said, if I had a customer with a wad of cash ready to buy, and a guy just jamming away who looks like he just got done in the unemployment line, I think you can tell who is getting my attention first.