I got my amplifier connected to my GuitarPort and use that to record.
Whenever I have GearBox open and my amplifier on I get this extremely noisy feedback, but not constantly, it just comes in waves at VERY loud volume.

Does anyone have any suggestions because this is making it impossible for me to record.
Try unplugging any unnecessary lamps/clocks/anything that might be causing grounding issues. I have a lamp that causes a lot of screeching when I plug into my Line 6 UX2. If I turn it on or unplug it the screeching goes away. Good luck! Ground problems are a bitch...
Thanks for the tip, Metal.
I'll edit this post if I still get the problem later .

Edit: It didn't work, I'm still getting horrible screeching and sound boostings.
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Anyone know what to do?
Using MetalUpYourRear's tip didn't work.
I keep getting screeching sounds and extreme sound boosts.
How is everything connected? Are you sending the preamp out of the amp to gearbox or something?
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I'm sorry, I'm not very familiar with the terminology.
All I pretty much have is an amp with GuitarPort plugged into it via the 'Headphones' slot.
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I'm sorry, I'm not very familiar with the terminology.
All I pretty much have is an amp with GuitarPort plugged into it via the 'Headphones' slot.

and you have the volume for the headphone jack turned all the way up?
There is no volume for the headphone jack specifically, but the volume on the amp is very low.
Can you be more specific about how you have everything hooked up? My understanding is that your signal is going like this:


If that's right, you probably have way to much gain, since Gearbox will be running your amp's signal through another amp model. You should be able to mute the processed signal, so that you're only getting the sound of you amp.

Also, try using the "learn" feature on Gearbox's noise gate. It "remembers" the level of hum coming from your guitar when you're not playing, and cuts any sound below that idle volume.

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Yes, my signal goes exactly like you described.
How do I mute the processed signal so that I'll only get the sound of my amp?
Also, I did use the "Learn" feature although it hasn't help too much, I don't get that much feedback just from my pick-ups, anyway.

Edit: Das, I managed to do what you suggested and you managed to solve my problem.
I am forever thankful, that was an excellent idea DD!
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