I just bought a peavey bandit 112, and for a little more I got with it 4 pedal thingies. I've never used pedals, so I need help to understand how to

There was one metal zone MT-2, that I know how to use, and then theres the other three.
* zoom 505 guitar (this is missing the ac-adapter, so I have to use with battery), that I can't even turn on.
* peavey automixer, with two buttons: selector and combiner
* pedal without logo, with reverb and boost buttons.

I'm not even sure where to connect it to the amp, so please explain from the very basics Thanks
The one without the logo is a generic footswitch, it's used to switch functions on the amp...it might work with the bandit, it might not - there'll be a footswitch input on the back of the amp.

The Peavey thing is also some kind of footswitch but in all honesty I don't know what it does

You need another cable for the Zoom - the guitar plugs into the input, the amp plugs into the output - it won't turn on without a cable in the input.
you are going to need multiple patch chords to set up everything..

first you will have to line your guitar into one of the pedals, then you will go out that pedal to the next and so on until you finally use your last patch to plug in to your amp.

the peavey automixer looks like a channel footswitch to me for your amp, this would plug into the back of your amp and allow you to change channels or combine them? again im only failry certain that its a channel footswitch.

the other 2 though will be like the Boss MT-2. line em to one another. the Zoom505 is a multieffects pedal so its definitely something to play around with when you get it working as it will have all kinds of fun stuff for you to play with.

your setup with everything will probably be like this:

Guitar --- Boss MT-2 --- Zoom505 ----- Amp ( and the footswitch connected to the jack for the footswitch)

hope this helps man

EDIT: good call by steve on the reverb, it does look like another footswitch
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Tried to search Peavey website for automixer, It said nothing was found. Tried to find something on google for it and couldn't so no help there sorry. Now with the zoom guitar box, you say you have to use it with the battery but it can't be turned on, this is confusing. Make sure you have a working battery and if not then just say Fu*@ it and go by a new ac adapter from radioshack just take the zoom in with you to make sure you get the right adapter (this is the advice they gave me when i wanted a new ac adapter for a boss product.) The pedal without a logo I would assume is just a regular stompbox. So with a stompbox the idea is there is an in and an out. You plug a cord into the amp, said cord goes to the left side of the stompbox then a cord goes out the right side of the box, to the next box. Now if you are only using one pedal just take a cord to the right side and put your guitar into it and you're good, but if there are more pedals just put them in the same way until you get to your guitar. I'm sure I didn't help that much but thought I'd try. Good luck man! Feel free to ask questions I'll try to help you the best I can dude.
The Automixer thing is the same form factor as the footswitch my old Peaver Bandit had but the labelling is different, mine just had Reverb and Channel.
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Wow cool. Do you have a pic of your Bandit? I am curious which one you have. They've been making those for like 25 years or something and there are different versions. I've kind of wanted one of the newer ones but I almost never see anyone selling a Peavey Bandit around here unless it is really old. The Bandits are good amps and I don't think their owners ever want to part with them.

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no pics I'm afraid, I sold it a few years ago...I bought it in 1995 and that was second hand, sold it for about £40

It was the 80w Bandit 112 with a Scorpion speaker - High Gain and Low Gain inputs, 2 channels and switches for channel, boost and "shift" whiched dumped the midrange down.
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People with a duck for their avatar always give good advice.

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The Zoom may not turn on unless you plug a cable into the guitar input. Lots of pedals use the input jack as a power switch. If it doesn't have a power switch then try plugging in a cable.