im starting a metallica tribute band. i need you top metallica songs for me and my band to play live !
Master of Puppets, For whom the bell tolls, Creeping Death and generaly everything from Kill 'em All to their Master of Puppets album..
I could only ever really get into St. Anger . Everything else sounds a little... I don't know. Halfassed, or sloppy.
St. Anger and Death Magnetic all the way. Every other album blows donkey shit.
Seek and Destroy
The Four Horseman
Fade to Black
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Master of Puppets
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
And Justice For All
Sad But True
Enter Sandman
Hero of the Day
King Nothing
The Memory Remains
St. Anger
Some Kind of Monster
That Was Just Your Life
The Day that Never Comes

Two from each album
"Pain or damage don't end the world nor despair, nor fuckin' beatings. The world ends when you're dead, until then you have more punishment in store. Stand it like a man, and give some back."
The Four Horsemen. I never understood why they don't play the middle section live though, that solo is like my favourite part of the song.