So for classes next fall I signed up for a guitar class, here is a description of the class.

MUS 261

Intermediate Guitar Class Level: Classical Guitar and music theory will be instructed from a beginner level. Popular Guitar will be instructed starting from bar-chords on.

• MUS 260 is NOT a pre-requisite to take MUS 261
• Open to all GVSU students.
• Open to all students who are able to play bar-chords. An informal audition will be taken during the first meeting to determine the most suitable course for the student. Music knowledge is not required to take this course.
• Textbook: Guitarplus, by Carlos de la Barrera. Available at GVSU bookstore.

So I was just curious if anyone has had experiences with something like this. It is just a single credit class so it's not too serious, I just wanted to take it so i could spend more time playing. As of right now it is just me and my friend signed up for the class.

The course is recommended for players who have played for 1-2 years, I have been playing for 5, but all self taught, so I'm hoping it will be helpful.
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What college is that? I'm in a guitar class right now and I'm enjoying it. What it will be like will depend on the teacher. Our teacher usually spends 10-20 minutes on review, 30 minutes on finger picking, another 30 on new songs to teach us, and another 30 on soloing.
- what uni?
- what course?
- why doesn't my uni do it?
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Grand Valley State University, its not a music school, you can get a music major here though, its just a course offered to all students here, Ive heard its mostly classical b/c the prof is a classical performer.
"I have good eye-sight, insight, and foresight. How could an
intelligent hare make such a silly mistake?"
I've never even heard of something like that, but I do have a general word of warning. You can really lose interest in something you're passionate about once you start doing it for credit. If you're going to have homework and exams in guitar, you might find yourself seeing it as more of a chore than a passion. Then again, you might not. Good luck!
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yea dude, not only that but watching other people play and picking stuff up from not only your teacher but them to. this is a good opportunity to meet other people who like the same thing you do.
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