So I'm having trouble with my Ibanez RG2EX2.. And it's completely beyond me why this is occurring. So I come to you in hopes that you can help me.

So, I re-strung my Ibanez over a week ago. I stretched the strings a few times a day, every day, re-tune it, etc. I've got a .11-.52 set on it, for drop C tuning. Should be fine, right?

Wrong, it seems. For whatever reason, there is just NO tension on these strings. They're f**king spaghetti right now. One strum and they fly out of tune, the low C even dropping to B or lower.

What the hell? Before this set, I had .11-.49 on it, in the same tuning.. Tension was fine, I just wanted a slightly thicker low C, so I got a set with a .52.

No problem with the truss rod, the neck is fine. I can't get the intonation right, either. I've never had this problem.

I ended up tuning it to just half-step down to Eb tuning.. And they are still floppy and just feel incredibly loose. One bend, and the string is out of tune.

These strings were fresh, bought them 2 days before I strung the guitar..

Put new strings on ibby, really floppy. Not enough tension it feels like. Neck is fine. Can't get it intonated. Was fine in same tuning before with lighter gauge string. Does not compute.
Is there a chance you've put them an octave lower than you meant to? ?
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Is there a chance you've put them an octave lower than you meant to? ?

No, but thanks anyway
I would have to agree with !-twisty-!. Try not to rely on your tuner and go for it by ear. Unless you have a wack tremolo on that guitar, this is a nearly impossible problem. They are tuned too low... a full 12 frets too low. Even with a badly set up trem, they would have tention on them.
If you don't have an ear for these thing, keep tuning until you hit the next C that comes along.
Good luck!
Yeah it's in the correct octave. I've been playing in CGCFAD for the past few years. I come from the typical metal-core background..

It's just beyond me why it's doing this. I'm gonna attempt to tighten the truss rod a portion, I guess.. Worth a shot. (I know how to do this, don't worry).

If all else fails, I'll just have to get a larger gauge. I have a pack of 12's but it has a .52 for the low string, same as the pack that's on there..
they're not slipping out under the sting lockers on the neck? Make sure your tuning heads are moving on their own and see if the floyd bridge moves a lot when you strum.
I've got an RG2EX1 in Drop C with 11-52 Beefy Slinky's on it and it's taught as hell. I really don't think, even if you got "bad" strings, that this would even be possible. If you are in fact tuning to the right octave, I really can't see how this is possible.
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You could allow more string to be wound up around the tuning head. A lot more. And maybe less stretching.
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i am still guessing you are in the wrong octave
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