I'm having some confusion over the chords for all along the watchtower, what are the chords for it in standard tuning and what key is it in in standard tuning ? (hendrix version)

cm, bflat, a flat, b flat, repeat
it's in c minor
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that's in standard tuning. hendrix often played half a step down, but not always. i don't know if he did on watchtower.
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The chords don't change when you change tuning, nor does the key change.

well yes and no...

due to the physical limitations of the guitar soem songs require a tuning to play
eg. voodoo child played on a guitar in standard tuning cannot be played in Eb minor like it should but E minor
The original recording is in Cm, however the guitar is tuned to Eb.

So it looks like C#m, but its actually Cm.

The progression is i VII VI, VII repeat. There's probably more to the song but thats what I'm seeing as I have a brief glance at it right now.
You can play it any way you want. As mentioned above, the chords are i VII VI VII repeat. I usually play it in A minor.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.