My newest song (well, its nowhere near finished, but I think it has potential) is called Aliens may have landed here maybe possibly once never forever. As you may be able to tell from the name, its very influenced by satriani and vai. Let me know what you think. Its in its very early demo stages, and Im probably only keeping the first 15 seconds. The quality could be better, but again its just a demo.
As always I will C4C.
The song is on my profile http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/awesomo41894/
I like your tones. The drums not so much. I think you missed the beat in a few places, but nice riff in the beginning.

Cool intro. If, as you say, you only intend to keep the first 15 seconds or so, it could be a decent riff to base the rest of the track on. It does need a lot of thought though.

Check out my track:

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The first 15 seconds could be a base of sorts. It was really good. The rhythm guitar is simple, but works quite well. Past the 15 second mark, it just sounds like you were playing for the sake of getting something recorded. Guitar playing was a bit sloppy in general. Could become a pretty cool track over time. Looking forward to the completed version.

sounds more like a guitar improvisation rather then a tune to me. The lead work isn't in time with the music. has potential though

can you comment on mine?


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