played one of these at guitar center today and i was rather impressed. solid build, great sound, killer looks, bolt on neck, Grover tuners, EMGs, it pretty is much what i want in a 7 string. granted the neck is a little beefier then what im used to, being an Ibanez man, but still comfortable. and the price is what really got me, only $580. now before i put a down payment on it i wanna know if anyones got any long term experience with them or if anyones come across any problems?
I have a DE 6 string, it's awesome. Had it for 5/6 months now and it's a BEAST. Great idea. No problems yet here, I have the FR version though.
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Schecter in general are good guitars. I don't have a great deal of experience with the DE 7 other then playing it in GC, it's a nice guitar.
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i have a Damien6 ive had for about 3 years. the only things ive noticed is sometimes the volume and tone knobs loosen, as well as the input jack. quick fixes though. its still standing strong and shredding like a mo fo