Hey all.
I'm planning on making my own guitar out of hamstered stuff on ebay.
Basically I want to know where I should look out for.
Like things as if I buy any ibanez neck that it will fit any ibanez body.
get the neck first, then create a body by yourself and make it fit with the neck =)
I like bidding on project guitars instead of buying assorted parts on ebay. As far as building guitars here's some things I've learned.
Build a practice guitar first where you learn to solder, setup, paint,etc. Then spend money on better parts for more complicated projects next. A single pickup starter guitar has a better chance of completion than starting with a three pickup monster.
Buy a book or two on building guitars. You aren't going to learn without something to teach you.
If you think you're going to save money and build something better than you could save up for, your wrong. Your first guitar will cost more than it will be worth. But if you don't mind that, or a learning curve, your third guitar might turn out alright if you have patience. What are anyones chances of doing anything perfect the first time?
Match fretboard radius to bridge saddle radius. Understand intonation before setting the bridge location.
If you are short tempered, hypercrytical, a quitter, or tend to throw tools, don't even start.
If you enjoy learning, aren't afraid to practice soldering, will accept the end result with pride, then go for it. It will be real easy to disappoint yourself and quit if you don't have a positive approach to the challenge from the start. Good luck.
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