okay, i need something that's acoustic, and i'd love to have an instrumental, but if it comes down to an amazing song that has lyrics, i know a person that could sing it for me. but i'd love to be able to show off my talents with instrumental stuff, any suggestions?
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Basically they stay the same.
MMM MMM MMM MMM by Crash Test Dummies?

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Bedroom Acoustics by Muse Its a flamanco-y instrumental. That would really help you show what you got. The only other instrumental i can think of is La Villa Strangiato by Rush and the last half of that has electric. But some good ones with vocals- Wish you were here by Pink Floyd, Where Did you sleep last night by Nirvana, Solitary Shell by Dream Theater, and uh thats it
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i looked up mmm mmm mmm mmm, haha. nooooo thanks. :P

i kinda know closer to the heart, know how to play layla all the way through, and rodrigo y gabriela might be my choice. but la villa strangiato all acoustic would be amazing!
Everyday things change..

Basically they stay the same.
Opeth - Still Day beneath the Sun
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