Well for my physics class we need to make a musical instrument for a project, and I decided to make a lap steel guitar. Then I thought "Gee, wouldn't it be cool if I electrified it?" I looked around online and found something about a guy making a pickup out of just a magnet and some copper wire, and I thought that would be pretty simple. Well the thing is, I don't quite know how to go about doing it. What gauge copper wire do I need? (I can't handle the really fine stuff.) How much do I need? What kind of magnet do I need and how strong does it need to be?

If you could help with any of this it would be fantastic. Thanks!
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You could do this, but you'll still need to wind it and everything. You still also have to buy the wire (which is linked on the page).
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I really don't want to have to pay that much. And did I mention it's due Thursday?
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How will I hook it up to the jack? One wire to the tip and another to a connecter? And will alligator clips work?
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The start of your wind is the ground and the finish is your hot
use carpet laying double sided tape to stick it to the side of a sewing machine to wind.
Magnets don't increase output, it increases sensitivity to string movement, however strong magnets will dampen the resonance of the strings.
The more winds you have, the more DC resistance you'll have, which roughly translates to higher output (Inductance is what you're looking for but it isn't the easiest to measure, DC resistance is a simple way to do it)
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I really don't want to have to pay that much. And did I mention it's due Thursday?

So, its late Wednesday night on the west coast, so I guess its tomorrow (Thursday) when you read this, so did you get it done on time? Are there pictures?
Well, I put up essentially the same thread on TDPRI, and someone suggested I make a pickup out of a piezoelectric transducer. All I had to do was pull out the piezo disk from the casing, solder it to an input jack, and attach it to the bridge (in my case, a nail.) It worked wonderfully! Thanks for the information that was given, I'll keep it in mind if I ever wind my own pickups.

EDIT: I finished it, and I'll probably put up a new thread tomorrow, but I'll make sure to post a picture here!
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