I am building my first pedal, a Fuzz Face! Here is the schematic, its the NPN one, http://pigeonfx.com/layouts/layoutff.html

Wire it all up and then had sound 'clean', but when engaged no fuzz and no sound. I realised that the one jack was wired incorrectly. Fixed that, same result.

My worry now is the switch, an alpha latching switch. This has 1 2 & 3 on the right hand side, aligned with the three lugs on the right hand side. Looking at the schematic, I assumed "1" was the top right? Is this correct? Also, the two lugs connected on the switch, I connected using a tiny bit of wire. Is that OK?

Thanks in advance!

As an aside, this was a great resource to learn about jacks and how to wire them! http://gaussmarkov.net/wordpress/parts/connectors/14-phone-jacks-and-plugs/
Thanks for the info on the switch, very useful.

I have had limited success, I have fuzz but only when the fuzz pot is turned to the max!?! Before its fuzz its clean, any ideas why this might be?
Try a lower value fuzz pot.

I think the fuzz faze uses a 1k pot. Or maybe a 5k. I forget.

Nevermind, I just looked at your link.

Have a look here. One of the many sites with info on pots:
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Connect the input of the circuit directly to the input jack tip and the output of the circuit directly to the output jack tip. Make sure the sleeves of the jacks are grounded of course. If it works now, you have a problem with wiring or the switch. If it doesn't work still, the problem is most likely on the circuit board.