The title sums things up pretty well. I at the cusp of my first guitar modification in a while. I've got this RG3EXQM1 and I was foolish enough to leave it at a friend's house, the end result was an RGEXQM1 with a bent selector and knobs.

I want to swap out the potentiometer and the selector switch, but I don't know what brands or models to look at. A quick search of Ibanez's product catalog told me that the volume potentiometer is a 3VR1C500B (500k, B curve) and the tone potentiometer is a 3VR1C500D(500k, "D" curve???) and the selector is a 3 way switch 3P51CGAE3. The tone knob is also attached to a tonecap 3CP1J223.

I would like to keep the pots at 500k, but I would like to find potentiometers that are really smooth, fast and reliable. Can you guys help me pick out potentiometers and a selector?

if you want pots that are smooth, the Bourns have what they call "frictionless knurling" as opposed to "coarse knurling" which basicallly means that while you're turning the shaft left or right, is moves much more freely and quickly, kind of like it's lubed.

You may want to experiment with other capacitor values as well. I've found that .022 (which is what comes stock on that Ibanez) is just kind of "average-all-around" if you know what I mean. Not low enough to be really useful, and not high enough to get really dark tones. It would be worth your while to experiment with other caps, since you'll be replacing the pot anyway, and find a value you really like.
Not sure what a D curve is. This is my favourite piece on pots.
I've switched A for B and B for A because that's what I had and don't have patience for mail order. Sometimes I can tell that its not right, and sometimes I can't. (Its not right when there is no difference between 1 and 8, but 9.5 is twice as much as 9!) At least all these parts are quite inexpensive, so you can keep changing it till you're happy.
Hey guys!

I apologize for being so late to return to my own thread I appreciate the advice.
The Bourns looked great, but at the end I decided that I was fine with the friction of standard pots. I checked out guitarfetish and ordered a 500k linear and a 500 audio taper as well as a 47 tone cap and the switch I need. I am so excited! *biting nails*. Thanks guys!