Okay ..so

I recently been getting tons of noise when i play not when i don't touch my guitar which i found odd.

ITs mainly just buzzing sound - i can't rid of it with my ISP decimator without pushing close to -10 but then my guitar sound is practually non existant.

So i tested these setups:

(PC was on through all these tests)
Guitar > amp : no noise
Guitar > ISP > amp : no noise
Guitar > DS-1 > amp : lots of noise
Guitar > DS-1 > ISP > amp : lots of noise

SO i took the battery out of my DS-1 as i don't use batteries any way and i still get the noise.

This DS-1 is new this month so what do you think is wrong ?
So you're powering it with a 12V power adapter but you just kept the battery in anyways? Try powering it with the battery instead of the power adapter.

Edit: Well that still probably wouldn't solve it because if the power adapter was what was causing the noise then you would get noise while not playing too. There's probably a loose connection or something in the DS-1. I'd open it up and look around or just try to get a new one from warranty or something.
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Well i use the pedal power 2 plus which my pedals are powered from.

The battery is dead - so binned it. I'll buy a battery to see if it helps but i don't really want to use a battery i'd rather run it through the mains.
Yes i'll test it with battery... if it is the power source how can i help reduce the noise ?
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Yes i'll test it with battery... if it is the power source how can i help reduce the noise ?

Use the correct power source. From what I've gathered your using a 12 volt multi power source, correct? You need to get the owners manual of the DS-1 and see what it recommends as a power source. Mine said a Boss 9 volt power source, so I'm assuming Boss sells individual power sources.
There's a PSA until specifically for BOSS pedals which is 9v, centre-negative. That should cure it.

Also, try opening the pedal and use a switch-cleaning spray if you can see no obvious damage or loose connections.
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