Anyone else think that this style of music transfers well to acoustic covers? Right now I'm watching a really sweet cover of "Stan" by Eminem on youtube, just a guy and an acoustic guitar, and it's really good listening.

These days, a lot of popular music is Rap or RnB or Dance or whatever you want to call it, and a lot of them are pretty good in their original form, I'm not one to bash today's music just because it isn't classic rock maaaaaaaaaaan. But I'm really partial to a good acoustic cover of this style of music - simple beats, usually a simple but ridiculously catchy melody, works well with just one guy and a guitar.

Favourite acoustic cover of rap/rnb/dance songs?
So, he is playing a the Dido song Eminem looped?
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Seriously, I'm not a fan of iphones and guitars mixing.
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^ Love Boyce Avenue, they always do covers of great songs AND make them unique, not just a note-for-note translation. Great stuff
This is my friend doing Gold Digger

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I really like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mEfDSP4g_U It's Ray Lamontagne covering Gnarls Barkley's Crazy.
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I've been thinking of doing an semi-acoustic cover of this recently. I feel this is relevant.
I went to a pop concert with my lady friend and there was these two dudes that played acoustics and they did a few well known pop songs, I liked it a lot surprisingly.