I want your song
to sleep in my head
beautiful chords
never wake me up
I feel your heart
never leave

always an untimely love
incomparable memories
I wait for nothing
beginnings and endings
a beautiful circle
longing for you

I remain unfinished
tarnished but still breathing
forgetting it completely
till there's nothing left
to fool the world is easy
but how do I convince myself?
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This is pretty good, but I noticed there was no set rhyme scheme. A lot of people don't give two shits about rhyme schemes, but I guess I'm just one of those annoying perfectionists who likes rhyme scheme's, so that's just my two cents :p.
"Love everything. Know nothing."

"What do you mean 'do you even know how to play bongo drums?'?! Do I not have hands?! And pot?!"