Being guitarcenter, probably no more than $150 to $200. You'd be much farther off to sell it to someone.
wow really I paid 800 for the guitar and then 250 for the pickups. That's Crazy!! I wanted at least 400.
He was exagerating, a little bit. In your case, about $400-$500 tops. GuitarCenter is NOT a seller friendly store.
Guitar Center tends to lowball you pretty bad. An add on Craigslist would probably get you the desired results.

And I could be wrong when I said ~$150-200. I think you can call GC for a quote and see.
I have the exact same setup (not a v though). Got people after me wanting to buy it for 600-700 euros. Not sure how much less guitars are worth in the states but that's friggin' good money to get for selling a 2nd hand guitar here.
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They'll give you 60% of what they're going for used on ebay and such. (give or take)
don't sell it to anyone that's going to resell it, sell it on craigslist