hey so quick question. i may be ordering a few things from MF over the next couple days and am curious as to how much import taxes/customs will be when it crosses the border into canada. i live very close to toronto in ontario if that helps.

btw im only going to be buying from MF if the actual total with shipping and taxes will be cheaper than going to a store to buy it. so far after shipping and conversions with a 15% rebate they have going now, it will be cheaper but it wont be if customs slaps a 13% fee on it

so any experience with order from MF into toronto or GTA?
ya, im curious because if its the normal 13% or more then its actually gonna eb more expensive to order it than to buy it locally
Duties if it's made outside the US
Sales Tax (GST + Province)
Conversion Rate (about 5$)
Brokerage Fee (if UPS or FedEx)
You wouldn't pay any duty if the stuff is Made In USA
Only taxes, brokerage & conversion