I'm still working on it, but give me some feedback and I'll comment on your music. You can also find this on my ultimate-guitar profile in case the other link doesn't work.

Fresh New Eyes
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Sinec I've never listened to that kind of music, it's hard for me to crit it. But the mix sounded pretty good, and all the pieces fit together really well. Sounded like you know what you're doin. And if that was you on vocals, you got some skills!
I haven't heard anything like this before either, it was a really strange mix of genres but it worked pretty well! The mix sounds good, the vocals sound sweet and they fit the song perfectly.
Yes, I did all of the instruments. If you haven't heard anything like it, but dig it. You should check out Brainiac. They were an extremely under rated band that disbanded in '97 because the singer died in a car crash. Their first album Smack Bunny Baby was release in '92.

This song was the opener to their last release Electro-Shock for President. Thank you guys for your crit, I'll check out some of your other stuff!