I've been a huge X Japan fan for many years and Heath is one of the reasons I started playing bass 5 years ago. So I'm coming into some money soon, about $1,000+ and I've decided to remake his bass. His old signature Fernandes was a J-Bass look-a-like which Seymour Duncans. It was all black with white pinstripes and a see-through pickguard. But in old live videos and some music videos, I see him playing what looks like a BC Rich Eagle with P+J pick ups. It's also black with white pinstripes. Now, I don't know which one he plays the most. I love the tone of a P+J, but have no clue where to find a similar bass, so I thought of just getting a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz bass, spray painting it, switching out the pick ups, and sanding down the blocks so they look white.

Here's a picture of his signature:

But as I stated earlier, I've seen him playing something like looks more like a Jaguar-like bass with pinstripes.
Which would you guys recommend? J-Bass, Jag bass, or something else?