Acoustic B200H and B115?

I hope you don't have to move your amp much, cause getting a big amp starts to be not very worth it after you've moved it more than twice.
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not too much money

That's not enough to go off of. What's your budget, and what are you looking for in an amp?
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What's your budget exactly?
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Build a huge box and put a practice amp inside. That would make it a really big amp right?
This fella right here:


Yeah, a grand's a lot, but you're going to pay a lot for a big amp that sounds good. But for comparison, an Ampeg SVT stack (the standard in Big Bass Amplification) will set you back about $2750.

If you need tubes you can get the Acoustic cab alone for $600 and a Bugera BVV3000 for $700. Pricey, yes, but it's a bass amp after all.
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Gk goldline 8x10 cabinet and Gk goldline 500 head (only gc and mf sell them) $800+tax. Enjoy.
acoustic b200 half stacks are the cheapest thing you could call a big ass amp.
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If I wanted a big bass amp at low cost, I would
find a used Crown PA amp that runs 800 to 1,000
watts into 8ohm bridged. Crown amps are awesome.

Then I'd get a Hartke Bass Attack.

You are up to about $250 or $300 now.

Then, the hard part, find a cheap used speaker or
two. The big if here is can you find good sounding
speakers that will handle that much power?

If you can,

Add some cables, and walla!!!

You have a kick but bass amp,