Hey guys, you might've heard from me a few months ago on this thread asking what gear to get, and I have a friend who previously used a Peavey Valveking, and a cranked Vox satchurator to get beautiful metal/prog tones. What are your opinions on this kind of setup? Or a Satchurator into any tube amp at all, for that matter? I already have the pedal, but I need a tube amp to go with it. Thanks guys!!
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The valveking is ok stock. But really needs a new speaker and new tubes to sound it's best. However, if you really like the sound of it, then go for it.
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Budget: Low, I don't really have money, and would accuire the amp through a trade of my old amp, a Vypyr 60, or get new tubes for my fender super reverb.
new/Usedoesn't really matter, but I'm sure I'd get it used because of my 'budget' XD
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Nearest Major city: Atlanta Georgia =P Probably should've listed some of that info earlier, but I'm mainly looking for peoples opinions on how the satchurator would sound with a nice, clean tube amp!
If you wanna hear how the Satchurator sounds through a clean tube amp, just listen to Satriani. In other words, godly...
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