hey guys
as a matter of curiosity is it possible to have strings for dropped tuning say as low as drop B but that you can also use for standard tuning?
sorry if ive posted in the wrong place
Yes, but for what you gain there is a sacrifice. I have played standard then down to as low as Drop A then back in a single day without TECHNICAL problems... but intonation may suffer, strings will be to loose along with additional stress on the guitar. My advice to you is find thick enough strings that you like in Drop B that are not TOO uncomfortable in standard.
Depends what "standard tuning" you mean. Drop B to C# Standard, sure. Drop B to D Standard, you're going to run into problems. Drop B to E Standard and you're going to find the guitar is almost compleetly unplayable.

It's not so much the strings as it is the nut, action, intonation and neck relief. They all need to be changed when going between tunings as drastically different as that. Changing half a step in either direction usually doesn't require any adjustments. Going up or down one step normally means some minor tweaking. More than that and you're going to want to do a full set up to get the guitar in decent playing condition.
The strings in standard would be tighter and you'd probably throw the intonation out of whack.

Why not try standard, but replace the low E with a low B? Then you can play octaves with the simple power chord shape. Or A, even.
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