Aight guys, I have a Bugera V22 that has some problems with OD channel, its been out for repair once already and it took like 5 months and didn't come back with the power cable so I'm not sending it out again. Instead I got a Blues Jr. and am going to run a 2 amp 3 channel set-up. Tell me what you guys think

>>Fender Blues Jr.
guitar>>bad monkey>>whammy>>DD7>>A/B/Y
>>Big Muff Pi>>Clean channel V22

This way I can play a high/medium gain amp with the bad monkey and the Blues Jr, a clean channel (which still works good on the V22), and then a "Big Muff Channel" which would run on the clean channel of the V22 (it doesn't sound good coming through a cranked Blues Jr.) where I can leave the pedal on the whole song (using the A/B) to avoid tap dancing and to go from medium gain to super crazy fuzz gain. Opinions? Other ideas? Thanks!