So a while back, I started a thread on ss.org documenting my 1999 Ibanez Ax7-521 Japan model.

You can view that thread here:

I bought this guitar a while back and decided that the quality of the neck (maple, bubinga, rosewood) and body (mahogany) were such that I felt it would be worth modding the crap out of.
Well... I did just that.

Pulled off the the poly finish, stained, and tung oiled.
Then I replaced all electronics, pickups (bareknuckles), hardware, and nut.

Cleaned up the headstock, and shielded er' up real nice.

So my friends, without further adue:



Hope you enjoyed!
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Hm, I never really thought much about it, so I'd say nope.

here's a closeup of the fretwork. Sorry for the whacky angle.
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sexy as hell really, congrats !
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