Okay guys so i'm building my first custom guitar, and I want to wire it as simple as I possibly can. I was wondering if it was possible to have a seymour duncan humbucker pickup go straight to the output jack? No volume knobs, no tone knobs, no switches. Just a humbucker to an output jack. I've tried to look this up on the internet but I haven't found anything. I'm using a tune o matic bridge just in case that's of importance. Any feedback on this would be nice. it is my first guitar. I want to build more but I wanna start simple. I appreciate any help.
Yeah you can, but you'd be better off wiring in a volume pot or at least killswitch. With it straight to the jack you'll have constant signal no matter what, unless you unplug the guitar. A volume pot will also give you a lot more versatility, letting you roll it off for cleans rather than just having it full bore all the time.
You can, i would strongly recommend building in a tiny switch that just kills it when you want it,