Many countries offer rich and diverse music. Just name some in this thread, or name what country do you think is best at what kind of music.

For me, I just strongly prefer any kind of love song from Latin countries or Latin musicians. Not to say I don't like love songs from other places as I love the Beatles. But for an example, this song from Brazilian/American rock band, Little Joy (the girl sings in Portuguese (can anyone tell me the kind of guitar the guy on the far right is playing? It has 4 strings, but doesn't sound like a bass or banjo)). Not to mention a whole bunch of Mexican musicians.

Also, Spain is an obvious one for guitar music. You have Flamenco (example if you like Flamenco. Amazes me every time I watch), and classical guitar grew tremendously in that country. And a couple of really good composers like Federico Moreno Torroba and Joaquin Turina are from there.

And those Russians know their way around a Piano.
I've always enjoyed Asian types of music, no way I could be specific to tell you the exact place.

But just in general, Japanese and Chinese and shtuff.
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Chinese music, especially from the Hmong people, is something I really love. I also really like a lot of middle-eastern music, except for Persian music. I can't stand their 3/4 tone intervals.

How's the erhu coming by the way?
I do like the Monk Drone that I listened to in my Music Appreciation class. There's a experimental group known as Enigma that play a lot of ethnic music, they're freaking amazing.
I've always loved the sound of traditional Japanese music, and the sound of a lot of middle eastern stuff as well. More often when it's infused with something else to just give it that kind of flair though.

Also, pretty sure the guitar you were wondering about in that video might actually be a baritone ukelele.
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How's the erhu coming by the way?

It's getting better. I can play some decent melodies, but it's really hard not having a fingerboard to gauge where the notes are. I'll probably do some recording with it soon.
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I don't know about the English name for it, but here in Colombia we call that kind of guitar a 'Cuatro', which, if you have any sense for Spanish at all, you'll know means 'four'. I have three different uncles and two cousins who can play it. Sounds good, men.
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Middle Eastern and Eastern European. Balkan brass music is sick (great dance tunes):

Russia and Belorussia have the best ska/rock bands I've heard in ages:

plus awesome folk music:

I took a class in Middle Eastern traditional music and loved it, things like this:
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Chinese music, especially from the Hmong people, is something I really love. I also really like a lot of middle-eastern music, except for Persian music. I can't stand their 3/4 tone intervals.

Nice video. Been meaning to listen to more of that music for a while. Any artists in particular you recommend?
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Nice video. Been meaning to listen to more of that music for a while. Any artists in particular you recommend?

A lot chinese music doesn't have a particular 'artist' because much of it is very old and the records were lost or destroyed or the songs have been heavily edited over time and have become public domain. It's easier to search by the instruments, than by the composer, but there are a few I would still recommend if you can find them: Jia Peng Fang, Jian-Min Wang, Chen Gang and He Zhanhao.
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Eastern Europe know how to make good drum and bass. They tend to focus more on Neurofunk which is the best kind.
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The Netherlands is probably the leading country when it comes to (female fronted) Goth rock/metal.

Epica, Within Temptation, The Gathering, After Forever, Revamp, Stream of Passion.
especially the first four are pretty famous internationally

And if you like the genre I recommend listening to Nemesea, music is good and the singer is loooveeellyy(as are pretty much all of those singers>.>, what is it with goth metal and hot singers)
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Brazilian Samba/rap

Marcel Khalife, Lebanese oud and piano duet.

Russian Kalinka (with beautiful Russian chicks as a bonus hmmhmmm)

Swedish folk (I got this song from In Flames, but I checked out the origianl folk song and it's so much better)
Celtic folk, and nordic folk music in general.
Swedish death metal.
Swedish prog
Swedish punk

I guess that's all the music I listen to that one region is better at than others, if you know what I mean.
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Not quite a proper answer, but I love music that has a Russian sound to it, whether it's actually from Russia or not. Anything by Tchaikovsky, Bydlo from Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, Russian Dance by Tom Waits, and the previews of Juular by Devin Townsend all have this sort of sound and it is lovely.
The Germans have Schlager music. If you've ever been skiing in the Alps or on the Ballaman in Mallorca you've probably heard it. It's totally fun party music that they all know the words to. You can't help but drink liters of beer and schnaps as you sing and dance to it.
California has pretty good ska and reggae bands.
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