Okay guys so i'm building my first custom guitar, and I want to wire it as simple as I possibly can. I was wondering if it was possible to have a seymour duncan humbucker pickup go straight to the output jack? No volume knobs, no tone knobs, no switches. Just a humbucker to an output jack. I've tried to look this up on the internet but I haven't found anything. I'm using a tune o matic bridge just in case that's of importance. Any feedback on this would be nice. it is my first guitar. I want to build more but I wanna start simple. I appreciate any help.
I promise i've looked there on a few occasions lol. Not quite anything i'm looking for though because those show diagrams that have volume and such. I just have the humbucker and the output jack. I've seen something like the black to the output lug, green and bare to ground, and solder red and white together. would that work with what i'm going for? Thanks for the help though