Hi, I'm wiring my guitar (Just made one) and i've never wired a guitar before... I'm planning on buying some Shielded Guitar Circuit Wire (Single conductor) on stewmac.com.


As I saw in a picture online the output jack is sort of different in the wiring... I'm using this diagram...


In the picture I saw that the person used one shielded wire but in that wire there was 2 wires.... Like the 4 conductors in the following link, just 2-3 less wires... http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Electronics,_pickups/Supplies:_Wire,_cables/Shielded_Guitar_Circuit_Wire.html

Do I have to buy this? or can I just buy the Single conductor and use two strands of it, going from the pot, attaching to the output... then getting the new strand and going from the output to the pot...

Plus.. I'm using Gibson pickups (57 classic, 57 classic plus to be exact) I'm just wondering in the wiring diagram it has 5 wires (Black, red white, green and bare) coming out from the one pickup. Both pickups, only have one wire if i'm not mistaken and that's just the metal shielding with a cloth cover and then a bare wire strand... Any help on what I should do to understand this?