Well my band's name is The Pipes. I don't know how to describe the sound too accurately. You tell me. Just listen through some of this stuff and tell me what you think, please. They're rough demos, so understand that. And thank you, very much. Good or bad, tell me what you think.

Here's the link.
I'm currently listening to it right now.

Not bad at all I must say. Sounds Dylanesque to me, mixed with some classic rock influence. Pretty raw sounding, obviously not studio quality, but I like that, feels intimate. Cool stuff!
I'm not a frequent listener to this kind of music, but Elizabeth Marie is outstanding. I especially like the hiss in the background (no sarcasm at all); it gives the song a very atmospheric touch (very relaxing/nostalgic), and it works very well with the synth/keyboard.

Great singer, and I would recommend EQing or clearing up the guitar track just a little bit to make it clearer. Perhaps increase the lower range of the bass also to give it more depth.
Not bad at all. Kinda (storyteller) quality mixed in there. Raw mix but IMO makes it all (real.) Too much Polish will sometimes ruin the overall feel of certain types of music. Just my 2% worth.
Not really my type of thing, but it's not bad. I appreciate the "raw" sound, but I think that bringing the guitar track out would add a lot. I dig the keyboard lines too.