well guys over the summer ive realized i will have little to do. for a while ive wanted to save up and buy a low wattage amp to practice with (were talking maybe 5w) but ive come to realize building one will be a better experience. ive become handy with a soldering iron and ive been modding pedals and am handy with other tools. skill wise i think i can handle it. that said i dont think i want to do anything too crazy and complex. this is the problem. does anyone have reccommendations on an amp schematic that would sound decent for a beginner to amp building? the tone im looking for is a more classic rock crunch sound i suppose. any suggestions at all?
Yeah i'd look at AX84 too, i've built both the high octane and the October and they both sound great. The HO was my favourite until i melted the transformer on it. You could also look at doing a small fender clone or a tricked out epi valve junior.
thanks for the ax84 reccommendations. these amps seem to be a great starting point.

a small fender clone seems fun to do also. where would i even start on something like that?
If you're looking for a kit Weber is the cheapest. The schematics for them are everywhere on the net. I'd look at maybe a bassman, princeton, super reverb or any of the early ones.