hey i got a new ibanez rg370dx with edge III and no matter how much i tune it up it wont say in tune, Ives loosened the locking nuts, then tuned it to standard but each string i tune perfectly just goes out out of tune after i do a different string...ive even tried to just tune it string by string without going back to them...then locking the nuts an use the fine tuners, but that doesnt seem to work either, please help
either watch alot of youtube videos on how to set up a floating tremolo, or if you don't feel comfortable doing it, take it to a shop and ask them to set it up. this option does require money.
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What gauge string you using? Maybe tighten the springs a little.
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Thanks for your replies guys, i managed to suss it, as im not too experienced in floating trems, i just had to cross tune, Nice, now i know from now on sweet as...gonna let my strings sit for a bit to stretch..
"Cross tune" is the solution i think. I tune strings 6-5-4 then start again at 6 and go through to 3 etc. I tune to about 0.25-0.5 of a step flat, lock the nut and then fine tune. Eventually you should hit a balance where it stays in tune if it's set up for your tuning.

Edit: guess i should have looked up
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