So the new ESP 2011 USA catalogue is out. Looking very sexy indeed. But there is no RZK-1 model in there. Now I know it wasn't in the USA catalogue last year as well, as it was a European and Oceanic release only, but does anyone have access to the Japanese 2011 catalogue or know if it is still in production?
Quite close. It's that model, but the one with the burnt finish. Though assuming this is a current catalogue they at the very least still make some versions of it, thanks heaps! I was worried I may have to buy one right away if they discontinue it haha.
Yeah it's pure sex basically. It's next on my to buy list. The only thing is in Australia the burnt finish costs $1,500 more than the other models and the specs are exactly the same. Worth it in my opinion, awesome guitar for the collection. (Not to mention I haven't got a guitar with an alder body yet).