"Good For You":
Real bassy feel in the intro, but it's incredibly ear-catching and has many hooks.
Liking the harsh vocals. Some of the clean vocals are hard to hear/could be turned up at parts.

The guitars' tone aren't too good, but they grow on you.
Really liking the lead's tone. Harsh vocals remind me of Disturbed.
Real sick track, but at first listen, it feel like it gets dragged out a tiny bit.

"Cannot Coincide":
Really awesome acoustic tone. Cool chord progression.
Vocals are really good. Lyrics are easy to understand for the most part.
Love when it hits into the electrics straightaway. Very catchy chorus.
Not really into the fuzzy guitar sound at the end and the ending vocals feel like you kind of struggled to hit certain notes. Awesome track. Very raw & real.

"Second Best":
Very odd feel. Not into the 'electronic-riff sounding thingy' you threw into the left & right channels. Hard to understand vocals for the most of the track. I can tell it's a good song, but it could have been recorded better.

Odd intro, but it does work and gives off an eerie feel. I like it. Clean vocals are understandable. Harsh vocals have a lot of force and power backing them. Guitar tone suits the track quite well in my opinion. Lots of emotion. The solo could have done a lot better without the effect and been a bit louder in volume. I really like how it ends.

"Help Me Help You":
Ear-catching acoustic riff right at the start. Good guitar tone. Nice vocal melody. THe drums compliment the guitar quite well, but I would have kept all the cymbals more in the middle than in the left channel at parts. Really digging the lyrics, but a tad bit cliche. They work though and I like that. Very upbeat solo. Some of it sounds a little sloppy, but it gives off a more 'raw & real' feel.

"Drown The Pain":
Intro is way too fuzzy for me. Really cool track, but it doesn't have any large hooks that catch me much. The solo could have been brought up much more, 'cause it get's sort of drowned out by the other instruments.

"Curl Up And Die":
Catchy guitar riff at the start. Liking the vocals in this one. Good guitar tone. The lyrics are pretty straight-forward, but that's not to say they are bad at all. Some of the clean vocals are hard to understand and a little too low in the mix, but the raw feel makes up for it. The bridge is what caught my full attention. That's my favorite part so far. Simple-sounding solo, but it fits very well. Awesome rhythm to fade at the end.

"Tear Down":
Digging the bass here. Cool vocal melody. Solo fits well, but there are a few off notes that don't sit too well. Guitar tone somewhat fits with the rest of the track, but could be improved in a way.

"Emotional Cancer":
Catchy riff in the intro. The vocals could have been sung better. Really liking the lyrics. I like the guitar-vocal panned feel. Very different from the other tracks. Really like this one.

"Crack Of Dawn":
Awesome guitar playing. Solid rhythm. The harsh vocals are very well-suited for this track. Sung quite well in my opinion. Drums are well=panned. The harsh vocals feel like chants at parts and send chills down my spine. Cool solo, but it is a bit sloppy.

Probably something I would listen to a fair amount. You keep each track different than the previous to keep the album flowing well. Badass album and great job! Really enjoyed listening to your work.

Critique for critique if/when you have the time? :]

EDIT: Whoa, longest critique i've ever given.
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i only listened to the first song but im for sure gonna listen to the rest when i have more time! i really like what you had going there, pretty much everything about the first song, good for you, was awesome.

the only thing i could really say is maybe up the vocal volume alittle, cuz there were times where i could barely even hear or understand the vocals. but the growling vox was really good, i liked it alot.

i cant really find anything else wrong with that it. ill do some more for the other songs when i get a chance. if you could though could you take a look at the song im working on right now? its nowhere near done, i just want to hear someones opinion on if it flows well and sounds good.


listen to "untitled", the other 2 are just the same song in an earlier stage, thanks
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From a production standpoint, the mixes were a little funny to me. The drums were mixed in super loud, but the kick had an almost too fluffy quality to it. I think if you spent some time adjusting the eq on it to get a clickier sound (cut low mids and boost the hi's) it would match your sound a little better. As it is, the kick drum is loud enough, if even too loud, but the type of sound it creates is better for a slower type of band, especially one without screaming. I know it's hard to get a good drum sound without sampling or triggers, but that is another avenue you could try, bc your drummer is very good and your recordings should reflect that.

Your music was well written, fast paced and easy to bob your head to. I like the singer/screamer quite a bit. You guys sure have potential, your music is very radio-friendly and I think with a bit of polishing in the studio it could be marketable. Cheers.
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