I'm having issues with my ring finger and middle finger always being super close to each other when practicing strength/dexterity.
You know the whole up down spider technique thing.
I'm not sure how to get them to separate so my ring finger can be closer to the fret. Any ideas?
Just keep playing and using those fingers and it'll work out...
I wouldn't worry about it too much, so long as your ring finger is at least close to the fret. I'm the same and I'm pretty sure it's anatomy fault. If you force it, you might end up with bigger problems so just stay light-fingered.
Try doing this exercise which should help with dexterity:

Place your hand on a flat surface and lift one finger at a time. Go for accuracy first and gradually build speed. Next, try lifting every other finger and again go for accuracy then speed.
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here is a good exercise. Do each 8-note pattern for 1 or 2 minutes, then move to next.
Go through all four patterns once using fingers 2-3... then again using fingers 3-4.
Nice and easy.

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I would guess it's hand position.

Try this - pick up a pen and hold it between your thumb and all four fingertips, with even pressure from each finger. Your fingers are a little spread, your thumb's in the middle.

That's how you should playing guitar most of the time - thumb behind the neck opposite the middle finger, fingers spread, fretting on your fingertips.
I have been forcing it a bit because i wasn't sure if they should be that close but I guess i'll just keep practicing. hopefully i can become a pro