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As The Fallen Rise formed back in 2009, as a 4 piece metalcore band. About 6 months into their career there were some conflicts within the band forcing the original guitarist to leave. After this occurred, there was immediately another guitarist ready to fill the shoes. This quickly attracted the attention of friends, local fans, and promoters and we eventually added our fifth member, as a second guitarist. The band was satisfied as the five piece, but sort of felt as if there was a piece missing. The hole was filled shortly there after, with the addition of their six and final member, playing the keyboard.

With these new members, also came new input in the band. ATFR didn't really seem to meet the criteria of "Metalcore". Many aspects were too heavy, and there were not many clean vocals, as there is in most metalcore. So, the band completely dumped all previously written songs, and started over from scratch. The band is now considered Deathcore, which combines brutal lyrics, and screams, with heavy rythmic guitar riffs, fast, in your face, intricate drums, heavy "low" bass, and the optional keys with the "ooh's and Ahh's".

As The Fallen Rise released a 5 song EP in July of 2009, titled Wake Up. This CD didn't pull in much attention due to the fact that the band started not long there before, and the music was rushed. However, after about a year of writing, and playing shows, there is a desire in the music fanbase of Indiana for a new release. The band currently has 7 songs and is in the process of writing 3 more songs. after the songs are complete, ATFR is hitting the studio.

Not only is ATFR known for their brutality in lyrical/ musical form, they have been rumored to put on an amazing show as well. ATFR rehearses choreography, recently, almost as much as they do their music. The members believe that when you want to listen to music, you can go out and buy a cd; but, when you go to a show, you go to not only Hear the band, but, to see the band as well. Music is only half the battle. If you simply go on stage and stand still, you could be playing some of the beastliest breakdowns known to mankind, but if you're not into it, no one else will be either.

As The Fallen Rise plans to push in the same general direction as they are now. So whether you have been around since "DEATH IN THE FIELD", or you are a newcomer, check back here often to see updates on shows, release dates, and new music.

ATFR would like to thank all of their loyal fans as well.

| People who we could not do without |

Brandon Brissart:
This man has recently joined our team as promotional help. He is a monster in Flash, and overall graphic design. He is one hell of a man, and truly helps us out.

Jason Calvin:
This guy has been down since day one. He is always there to help us when we are stuck. He is an excellent bassist, and a sick up and coming screamer.

Alex Lamb:
I swear to god this guy is our number one fan! He is always down to take pictures, buy food, drive stuff and people to their destinations, and is overall a sick dude to hangout with.
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And I can tell just by the band name, and what you're written that your band is probably still a metalcore band, or maybe deathcore - so either take it to the hardcore forum or deathcore thread.
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