Has anyone ever been to one of his camps? Victor Wooten runs both a Bass/Nature Camp and a Music/Nature Camp at his family's retreat in Tennessee. I got accepted to the Music/Nature Camp this summer and I would like to hear from people who have experienced this. If you have gone, what did you think of it? What can I do to make the most out of it?

I chose the Music/Nature camp even though I'm a very enthusiastic bass player, mainly because I don't want to sit in a circle and jam with 20 other bass players. The letter I got with instructions says to bring whatever instrument you feel most comfortable with, but only to bring one. Well, that would have to be guitar for me, but I recently started playing saxophone and I feel like it would be a great opportunity for me to get a lot better at sax as well. Then again, its ****ing Victor Wooten, and I know I can't go wrong bringing a bass. If anyone has gone to Music camp and not just the Bass camp, any thoughts or suggestions along these lines?

For anyone interested in learning more about these camps, check out the website.

If anybody else is going this year, let me know! I'll see you there!
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I also slap the bass and I'm learning how to tame the sax.
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even though it'd be cool to play with Vic I think the other kids would get on my nerves and it'd be a waste of money. Bring a bass, and try to use a different font color next time.
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I've met Victor Wooten and he's a fantastic human being, and I cannot think of any downside to exposure to a camp or philosophy involving the guy. I would not have any qualms about going, and whether or not I picked up any hot licks I think he has a lot of wisdom, and I think that you will probably absorb a lot more overall than just picking up some licks and techniques.

So, good luck and when you come back can you give us a report?