Hello people! I just registered here, but i have submitted 2 tabs anonymously to UG. One of them is approved already (although it has some mistakes i've found later), the other one is awaiting approval. They are both from the same band.

Is there any way to claim these tabs and have them attributed to my profile?

Thanks in advance.
I have the same dilema... in fact I have posted 208 tabs from early on that I did and on this accont I believe I only have 30 attributed to me on this site ..I used to post on OLGA.. This site even has taken some of my old tabs and posted them without my name as whoever did it cut my name out in the beginning of the tab and either posted them anonomously or with another name....... I used different names over the years mainly because I forgot the password, etc.... The one thing that always remained the same though was my email address so that helped when I posted a tab.... What I always did though was in the tab itself at the very beginning I attributed the tab to me and even gave my email address.... Some over time were taken to other guitar tab sites and my name removed by the people who own the site, and some were stolen by other tabbers claiming it was there work.... Unfortunately some of the very early ones have mistakes that I later corrected on peint outs but had no way of going back and making corrections to them on websites..... So what I did was lis all songs that I did on my blog....... and also at this point I really don't care...I just wanted people to enjoy them and if it helped them do a song then that is good enough for me....Lastly, the way I do a tab is sort of my signature style and if people see mine I am pretty sure they recognize my style and know that I did the tab.....

Like I said when I first tsarted posting it was a big deal to get credit as I believe everyone wants there name up in lights at some point in time.... But now all I care about is helping people playa a song they enjoy.....

I also shrug off criticism and any negatives that may come my way for a tab I did.... I mean what strikes me is if a person offers constructive criticism that is good but when someone blasts a tab I don't even really care as I figured if the guy was so good then why is he looking for tabs in the first place since he should be able to do them himself.....

So I understand what you are saying and just feel good knowing youu contributed even though it is stated it was by anonymous.... you know it is yours and that will have to do for now...

like I stated from now on you may want to have your name included in the tab ...sort of like this:


Then begin your tab.... that way if something should happen to your tab your name will be on it somewhere..... ok Hope this helps a bit....
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Yes. I am not worried about getting the credit. All i would like is for my account to get reviewer abilities, and maybe the chance to correct old mistakes if there is such a function. I also have a style that is hard not to notice (even if i only submitted two tabs). I am totally indifferent as to whether my name is on the tabs or not, and any website may well steal the tabs (unless that is against UG policy). But i submitted them both to UG originally, and now i made an account here to be able to rate and review. I am probably gonna make more tabs.