Hi all – I recently picked up a used ’02 MIM Fender Telecaster. The first thing I noticed was that I could feel the edges of the frets all along the bottom side of the neck, and most of the top of the neck. While it isn’t bad to the point where I am cutting cut or sliced, I do feel it when playing.

So, is this normal for MIM? I have an American Strat that is my main player, and it doesn’t have this issue. Could it be the results of a bad / incomplete re-fret? Would a fret dressing help? What about filing / sanding the edges (something my repair guy would do)? Is it ‘nothing’ to worry about?

This has me already thinking about getting rid of the guitar…Any thoughts / help would be appreciated – thanks in advance.
It's not uncommon at all. If manufactured in a more humid area, the wood of the neck can shrink a bit requiring some touch up. This is nothing major, more like the finallocation-specific cutomization of your guitar. Or, it could be just a bad fret job. Either way, a tech can fix this in a few minutes (notwithstanding thier normal turnaround).

You could do it yourself with a small flat file. Carefully. Be prepared you will scuff the neck edges with your file (being non-expert and all ). It's a fine job, but you can help that by putting masking tape on each side of the fret.
this is one of the reasons i decided against a MiM guitar recently. for guitars that were otherwise solidly built, they had issues with the frets. some could be filed, but others were a little too bad for that. not all MiM teles i tried had it, but a bunch did.

now if it isnt bad, you can do as Razbo said and file it yourself. if you feel comfortable doing it of course. a good tech should be able to touch it up for you otherwise. if you got a good deal on the guitar and it is otherwise a well built instrument, it is probably worth touching up.
Thanks guys.

This is probably going to become a ‘learning’ guitar for me and my son – we will play with the pups, wiring, pick guard, etc. but may wait on filing the frets (I have a luthier nearby that is very reasonable price wise). I only paid about $300 for the guitar, and knowing that this isn’t too uncommon (or that big of a deal) helps.

I appreciate the input!